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Linux For PlayStation 3

Written By ayus on Monday, October 13, 2014 | 12:56 PM

The PlayStation 3 is an amazing device. In the recent times, this amazing device has become all the more popular. A new revelation in this regard is that you can now use your PlayStation 3 as your computer as well. Yes you heard it right! You can do so, if you:

Install Linux on PS3, you can use you PS3 as a desktop computer. With Linux installed on your PS3, you may browse the internet with the help of Firefox, as well as do your assignments on Microsoft Word application; and of course play your favorite games as well.

It is perhaps due to these reasons that people across world want to know, as to how to install Linux on PS3. No wonder, Linux on PS3 guide and install Linux on PS3 guide are two of the most searched items on the internet. However, when it comes to installing Linux on your PS3, most of the guides, which are available on the internet, are actually hacking guides that are not assured to be safe.

Moreover, they may harm your PS3 as well.

This amazing PS3 Magic makes the entire exercise of installing Linux on your PS3, an absolute cakewalk for you. Moreover it does not harm your PS3. Also the warranty on your PS3 would be saved as well.

All these factors make this software an absolute necessity, if you are looking forward to installing Linux on your PlayStation 3. In any case, installing Linux on your PS3 would prove quite advantageous for you.
http://ps3magic.org is a welcome change in this regard. With the help of PS3 magic you can install Linux on your PS3, without harming your console, as well as maintaining the warranty on your PS3 as well. Install Linux the safe and easy way in a few clicks.

Source: http://www.ps3magicreview.org/install-linux-on-playstation-3/


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